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    2017 Summer Campaign
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    Ladies & Gentlemen
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    Flesh Is Heir To
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    Naked Spurious
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    House Broken
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    Gun Voyage
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    Tom's Dilemma
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    The Weight We Carry
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    Center Light
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  • inst&ind
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    Chemical Sacrifice
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    My Resurrection
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    Sorridi al Muro

narrative short film

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    The East of Adin
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    See You Next Week
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    The Therapy
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    So Long
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    Orphans of the Living
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    The Revenge of the Egg




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Nicola Raggi is an Award-winning cinematographer with a strong and unique style, who was deeply influenced by his work with three-time Academy Award winner, Vittoio Storaro as well as the great Luca Bigazzi.


On the commercial front, Nicola’s credits include the GAP 2017 spring/summer campaign.
Early in his career, Nicola honed his craft as a colorist, editor and camera assistant in countless projects around the world.


Mr. Raggi’s wide body of work has screened in competition at international festivals including Torino Film Festival, Berlin and SXSW. He won the “Golden Gondola” for Best Cinematography (Torino Film Festival) in 2015.


Other recent projects include the American independent feature, Flesh Is Heir To, an acclaimed erotic noir selected to the Milano Film Festival 2018; Tom’s Dilemma, a New York drama, produced by Darren Dean (Tangerine, The Florida Project); The Adventures of Jubeez, an action-adventure movie shot in New Mexico.
In 2010, Nicola won the Bernardo Bertolucci scholarship to attend the cinematography program at the New York Film Academy where he later taught cinematography. Mr. Raggi currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son.



US Permanent Resident (Green Card owner)



from 2006 to current CINEMATOGRAPHER

from 06/2012 to present Cinematography Instructor @ New York Film Academy – NYC

from 06/2006 to 08/2010 Editor & Colorist @
LoadingLab inc. – Siena, ITALY

from 09/2006 to 08/2010 Professor @
University of Siena – Siena, ITALY

– 2006 Co-founder of Loading Lab visual artworks



– 2016 American Society of Cinematographers Master Class

– 2010-2011 attended 1-year Cinematography program @ New York Film Academy

– November 2008: workshop on cinematography @ IED Venezia with Luca Bigazzi

– October 2008: workshop on cinematography for TV and cinema @ Accademia della Luce with Vittorio Storaro, Pino Quini e Marco Incagnoli

– 2005 3D animation and modelling (MAYA) @ ARSNOVA Siena

– From 1998 to 2006: PhD in Psychology of communication at University of Siena

– 1998 Scientific Studies High School Diploma at Liceo Scientifigo G. Marconi



02-11-2014 Italiani in America – Nicola Raggi, un direttore della fotografia a NY

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10-21-2012 Il Corriere dell’Umbria – New York ama il talento Folignate

05-29-2012 New York Film Academy – Nicola Raggi and the Psychology of Learning Film

09-06-2010 La Nazione – Alter, un corto che parla senese

04-08-2009 La Provincia di Sondrio – I Vigili del Fuoco soggetto per un documentario

09-2009 Il Cittadino di Foligno – Notte Glamour in via Borghetto

21-11-2008 Il Corriere di Siena – Il Cavallo nel Palio

07-2007 La Nazione – Rosso come la passione: Dvd nascosto nella tasca

06-2007 Il Corriere di Siena – Grande fratello per il Cencio

06-2007 La Nazione – Novità: un documentario sul Cencio