narrative feature film

  • fleshthumbh01
    Flesh is Heir To
  • woundtimethumb01
    A WOUND IN TIME (preproduction)
  • Tomthumb
    Tom's Dilemma
  • blockZthumb3
    BLOCK Z (preproduction)


  • ctl05
    Center Light
  • championthumb01

narrative short film

  • teoathumb05
    The East of Adin
  • synwthumb3
    See You Next Week
  • boots
    Naked Spurious
  • lamthumb
    Look After Me
  • animalia06
  • thetthum
    The Therapy
  • Mia_thumb
  • hindmind_thumb01
  • pizza_thumb1
    Bacio le mani
  • solonthumb
    So Long
  • orp_thumb02
    Orphans of the Living
  • egg_thumb2
    The Revenge of the Egg


  • maco_thumb
    I Ragazzi della Maco
  • silk_thumb
    3 Giri di Seta


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  • therapyedthumb2
  • syneditingwthumb2


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  • synwthumb
  • ANI_gradthumb



Born and raised in Italy, I deeply studied film theories and the practice with italian contemporary masters of lighting opened my mind to cinematography.


I am a motivated, high potential cinematographer with unique artistic sensibilities, a visionary editor and colorist with 7 years of experience in all aspects of motion pictures film and video industry.


My path lead me to a mature, original style signed by a maniacal attention to composition, lighting and details.


I am used to work extremely hard on pre-production because I am convinced that only a good pre-production makes astonishing, standing out and touching pieces of art as the director want!


Build a strong relationship with the director, accomplish his vision and serve the story, is what make me the exceptional partner on a film or video production.


Open minded, always ready to travel, I am a multitasking hard worker, with great interpersonal skills and problem solving abilities, able to build high performing teams.


Based in New York City I am constantly involved in film productions as cinematographer, colorist and editor all around the world.


Steadicam, cranes and Jib arms, dollies and sliders, shoulder supports, tripods and heads, suction mount, car mounts, green and blue screen, rain towers and special FX.



Versatile and passionated master of lighting, exceptional camera operator with great organizational skills and the ability to master complex technologies. Special talent for collaborating and communicating effectively, positive attitude, multitasking, problem solver, always reliable. Proficient in stressful environment.

– Design looks and visual styles to reflects the intentions of the director.
– Provide guidance in all technical aspects of production.
– Advice regarding the choice of the most appropriate film or digital video format.
– Blocking scenes to provide artful coverage in the most efficient way.
– Provide input to develop story-boards and shot lists.
– Location scouting for lighting, camera movements and set design.
– Advice on best times and places for exteriors to take maximum advantage of available light.
– Organize camera, electrical and grip crews.
– Plan placement and rigging lighting fixtures.
– Advice on arrangements for rental of camera, lighting, grip equipment and specialized tools.
– Communicate with film labs or digital postproduction facilities.
– Execute the vision for the look of the film.
– Anticipate schedule caused by unforeseen circumstances.
– Approve the set up of lighting.
– Operate camera during shooting.
– Assure that there are no technical glitches.
– Oversaw all phases of post-production.



– June 2012 to May 2014 Cinematography instructor @ New York Film Academy

– 2012 Full Teaching Licensed by the New York State Education Department

– 2010-2011 attended 1-year Cinematography program @ New York Film Academy

– November 2008: workshop on cinematography @ IED Venezia with Luca Bigazzi

– October 2008: workshop on cinematography for TV and cinema @ Accademia della Luce with Vittorio Storaro, Pino Quini e Marco Incagnoli

– 2007 to 2009 Cinematography instructor @ University of Siena

– 2006 Co-founder of Loading Lab visual artworks

– 2004 Bachelor Degree in Psychology of Communication @ University of Siena

– 1998 Scientific Studies High School Diploma at Liceo Scientifigo G. Marconi



02-12-2015 Voglio Vivere Cosi

03-07-2014 Il – Migrare di Cinema

02-11-2014 Italiani in America – Nicola Raggi, un direttore della fotografia a NY

02-10-2014 Behind the Rabbit production – Nicola Raggi artist profile

10-28-2013 Farespettacolo – Intervista a Nicola Raggi

10-21-2012 Il Corriere dell’Umbria – New York ama il talento Folignate

05-29-2012 New York Film Academy – Nicola Raggi and the Psychology of Learning Film

09-06-2010 La Nazione – Alter, un corto che parla senese

04-08-2009 La Provincia di Sondrio – I Vigili del Fuoco soggetto per un documentario

09-2009 Il Cittadino di Foligno – Notte Glamour in via Borghetto

21-11-2008 Il Corriere di Siena – Il Cavallo nel Palio

07-2007 La Nazione – Rosso come la passione: Dvd nascosto nella tasca

06-2007 Il Corriere di Siena – Grande fratello per il Cencio

06-2007 La Nazione – Novità: un documentario sul Cencio