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Award-winning, extremely passionate, high potential and visionary Director of Photography with 10 years of experience in feature films, commercials, music videos and documentaries.


Nicola have an in-depth understanding of photography and motion pictures story telling, he always brings a passion for problem solving and he constantly look to to build high performing teams.


With an extensive knowledge of cameras and lighting he knows how to tell a story using shadows, colors and camera movements efficiently. He is able to achieve cutting edges images using both natural lighting and practicals in low lighting conditions.


“Every frame, every inch of how I frame and, light and how I see the world through a lens allow me to access my soul and put it into images”


Knowledge of: Steadicam, cranes and Jib arms, dollies and sliders, shoulder supports, tripods and heads, suction mount, car mounts, green and blue screen, rain towers and special FX.

Strong knowledge of post-production softwares for both editing and color correction: Adobe CC creative suite, Final Cut PRO and X, DaVinci Resolve, AE.



USA Green Card owner

Fluent in English and Italian, Basic French.



from 2007 to current CINEMATOGRAPHER

from 06/2012 to 09/2014 Cinematography Instructor @ New York Film Academy – NYC

from 06/2006 to 08/2010 Editor & Colorist @
LoadingLab inc. – Siena, ITALY

from 09/2006 to 08/2010 Professor @
University of Siena – Siena, ITALY

– 2007 to 2009 Cinematography instructor @ University of Siena

– 2006 Co-founder of Loading Lab visual artworks

– 2004 Bachelor Degree in Psychology of Communication @ University of Siena

– 1998 Scientific Studies High School Diploma at Liceo Scientifigo G. Marconi



– 2016 American Society of Cinematographers Master Class

– 2010-2011 attended 1-year Cinematography program @ New York Film Academy

– November 2008: workshop on cinematography @ IED Venezia with Luca Bigazzi

– October 2008: workshop on cinematography for TV and cinema @ Accademia della Luce with Vittorio Storaro, Pino Quini e Marco Incagnoli



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04-08-2009 La Provincia di Sondrio – I Vigili del Fuoco soggetto per un documentario

09-2009 Il Cittadino di Foligno – Notte Glamour in via Borghetto

21-11-2008 Il Corriere di Siena – Il Cavallo nel Palio

07-2007 La Nazione – Rosso come la passione: Dvd nascosto nella tasca

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